Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Not your average Terms of Service

We understand that you’ve got things to conquer - that’s why we kept this to the point. Please read this thoroughly. It will answer most of your questions regarding our space, liability, and what you can expect as a member.

The Hatchery Club, LLC: We are located at 206 Corporate Lake Drive. We refer to our clients as members. They are the people, coworkers, businesses, and organizations that use our space.

We are a coworking community with onsite childcare that allows entrepreneurs the office space and professionalism they crave. We help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial parents build a strong community and belief in themselves so they can become the best parents and business owners they can be.

The members of The Hatchery share a fundamental desire to live and work flexibly, be social, help one another and welcome everyone into the community.

Our Values

How to be a member, not just an occupant:

  • Be open to social interaction
  • Be willing to introduce yourself, make friends, and help
  • Be ready to participate in planned events such as panels and lunch and learns
  • Be eager to help everyone feel proud of our space and the people in it
  • Be prepared for abundance


The Hatchery is quite different from your average working environment. We're not a serviced or fully staffed office, and the following things help us keep our prices accessible. In order to keep things running nicely, here are some essentials we ask everyone to be mindful of when using the space.

  • Resources are ours - not mine or yours. You break or lose it, you replace it.
  • Bring problems with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, flooding, broken access pads, natural disasters, etc. to the attention of a staff member (, Amanda in person, or any other staff member).
  • Pay your membership dues. If the card we have on file doesn’t go through, we will contact you. Please pay within 5 days of receiving your monthly invoice. The Hatchery will not chase you down :)
  • Engage in meaningful greetings. Feel free to pop in and out of all areas and offices to connect with one another.
  • Equipment and professional liability is your own responsibility (our insurance can’t cover it). Ask your insurance provider for “renter’s insurance.”
  • If you have purchased a membership for an employee, The Hatchery is not responsible for monitoring the productivity of your employee. We are a coworking space, not a satellite office of your company.  
  • Cleaning up after yourself, washing your dishes and tidying up is everyone’s responsibility. We work together to maintain a space we feel proud of.
  • Leave the spaces as you found them, or in better shape. (This includes cleaning up after your guests.)
  • Sign-in your guests at our front desk and respect our 1hr guest pass policy
    • After 1hr guests will be considered as using their complimentary, 1-time coworking daypass
  • Anyone who behaves in a manner that is destructive to the Space or the Members may be asked to leave. If anyone in our Space makes you feel uncomfortable, please bring it to our attention right away.
  • Be responsible and respectful with your internet usage. No bit-torrent, porn or illegal activities. Respect other people’s privacy, confidentiality, safety, property and data. If the law or your employer comes looking for you, we will give you up immediately.
  • The last member out of each space is responsible for closing doors, shutting off lights and firmly closing all entrance/exit doors.
  • If you can’t use all of your allotted coworking days in a week, those days can be used within your invoice month but do not carry over to the next month.
  • All memberships will automatically renew on the 1st of the month. If you do not wish to continue your membership, please notify us no later than 48 hours prior to your membership renewal. Failure to notify us within that timeframe will result in an automatic withdrawal of membership dues + renewal of your membership for that month

Your Needs and Rights

All Hatchery memberships include access to the community and its resources, with only a couple of specific exceptions.

All memberships include:

  • A productive, enjoyable place to work
  • Internet, desks, power, and of course coffee
  • An invitation to our private Facebook community
  • Participation in social and learning events sponsored and organized by The Hatchery
  • An incredible community of smart, friendly and helpful coworkers from all over Mid-Missouri and beyond.
  • Opportunities to host events of your own, including classes and workshops in our conference room with the credits you have with your membership or extra credits purchased.
  • The use of our drop-in and reservable conference rooms and gathering spaces, per your level of membership.

Addendum A: 24/7 Access Add-on

24/7 access is a privilege that can be tacked onto coworking memberships. This gives you access to our space as you may need it - we understand that not everyone works between 8:30AM-5:00PM.

As a 24/7 access key holder you agree to the following:

  • Honesty regarding your daypasses and use of our space. You will be asked to “check in” on your OfficeRnD portal. Please be honest with your entrance and exit times. We also run a report through our door access system to double check, check-ins.
  • Respect all rules that apply to our space during regular business hours including (but not limited to) maintaining cleanliness, responsibly using the internet, and turning off lights if you are the last person in the space.
    • This includes all rules listed under the “our values” section of this document
  • You will not share your key card with anyone including other members of The Hatchery.
  • You will not prop open the door.
  • Understand that, at any given time, we reserve the right to shut off your access card.

If, at any given time, you are found to have dishonestly used the space your 24/7 access card will be revoked. Depending on the severity of the offense, your coworking membership renewal will also be placed under review.

Addendum B: Mailbox Service Add-on

Mailbox service is an extra perk we are excited to provide for members. Whether it is to get actual mail or show the online world you are a legit business, that’s up to you.

What we are able to offer:

  • A mailing address and mail slot. Your mailing address will be:

XYZ Company
206 Corporate Lake Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203

  • The mailbox is located behind our front desk and you will have a label on your mail slot. Although this is behind the desk, it is not locked up.
  • The post office was adamant about us knowing that If your address changes, you will not be able to forward your mail. You will have to cancel and reassign.
  • If you change addresses, we will hold mail for 15 days. If you do not come to pick it up, we will send it back to the post office.


By clicking "I agree" this document you agree to all of The Hatchery’s Terms of Service.